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The Plight of White South African Farmers

Write to your local Federal MP in support of Dutton’s call to fast track South African farmers
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton sparked diplomatic tensions with South Africa last week when he suggested persecuted white South African farmers should be ‘brought to safety to a civilized nation’.

Richard Di Natale

Peter Dutton labelled ‘racist’ by Richard Di Natale over a call to bring white South African farmers to Australia on ABC News

In support of this initiative, Julius Malema, a member of the South African Parliament, said white farmers should take up the ‘racist’ call but ‘leave everything’ for the black South African majority, claiming the black population wanted to work the land.  

In a gesture of humanitarian aid, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has called for the fast-tracking of visas for the South African farmers to bring them to safety in Australia.
Greens leader, Richard Di Natoli is calling Peter Dutton a ‘racist, and Greens Senator Nick McKim says we still have a White Australia policy”, accusing the Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton of
being ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘regurgitating speaking points from neo-Nazis’.

Meanwhile another white South African is raped, tortured and murdered. White people can also be refugees!

Please write to your local federal MP in support of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, and ask them to assist in bringing this persecuted minority to Australia 

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