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Can anyone imagine the utter frustration, despair, the feeling that they have lost the reason to live, or sorrow their tormented mind is going through that they decide to end it all by committing suicide.

Men’s suicide more than double that of women

Every single day nearly 8 people in Australia reach that stage and make that fatal decision. Preliminary data shows nearly 3000 people make the decision to end it all, with over 2000 are male and about 800 females every year.

That fact is so sad so depressing that we were unable to pull them back from the brink, and that there was no one to turn them around, take their hand and say, ‘come with us, we will help you’. The highest age specific was in the 85+ age group, higher than other age groups.

Next highest was the 30-34 , then 40-44 and the 35-39 age groups. Suicide is not restricted to adults as there are 0-14 and 15-19 age groups also affected. Losing our young with their whole life ahead is particularly disturbing.

People with a history of suicide were at greatest risk, alcohol abuse, drug overdoses and mental disorders, major depression, psychotic illness and eating disorders also contributing to the suicide figures. Lifeline, Salvation Army and others are extending the hand to help depressed suicidal people-  but it is hardly enough. Financial pressure, mortgage stress, personal experiences, legal situations and family losses or break up can drive one to make that final decision. We as a compassionate country must do more to help our fellow mates when they stumble in life. Our governments can also assist.


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