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A single drop of rain can start a massive rain storm that floods the land below.

What we didn’t know is that bacteria can form rain and is found all over the world. The same bacteria that causes frost damage on plants can help clouds to produce rain and snow, this suggests that bio-precipitation might be more common than first reported.

Apparently before a cloud can produce rain or snow, rain drops, or ice particles must form. This requires the presence of aerosols, tiny particles that serve as a nucleus for condensation. But air born microbes, fungi, bacteria or tiny algae can do the job just as well. Unlike mineral aerosols these living organisms can catalyze ice formation, even at temperature below 0 degrees Centigrade. These tiny microbes have been found all around the world in snow.

Well there you have it these tiny rains making bacteria are responsible for flooding our cities and heavy snow disasters in the UK and US.

To think it all started with a single bacterium ridden drop of rain, perhaps we will look at a rain drop differently in future.

Rain Safe Communities

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