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Migration Increase

Oops, here comes another new migrant to Australia, every two minutes and twenty seconds we add another migrant to our population. Through migration last year we added 250,000 new migrants according to the Bureau of Statistics with most settling in NSW (98,600) and Victoria (86.900). That’s an increase on the previous year of 31% and 23% respectively.

Migration & our jobs

According to the OECD we are the fastest growing country with the population heading to 25 million within months. Some say we are heading for disaster with high unemployment with millions never having a job and a burden on welfare that we may not be able to sustain without crippling taxes.

With automation, robots and increased IT usage and less meaningful jobs, our young will find themselves acting as caddies to rich Chinese or mowing golf fairways. Mass migration makes our politicians look good with improved GDP figures, but this false image will bite their backsides if productivity doesn’t improve. We need more houses, improved roads, increased growth in produce to feed the growing population, increased transport, ethnic groups come with large families looking for jobs for their young, our own kids will face difficulty in this area and because of increased unemployment several will fall into the homeless basket. Sydney is reported to be losing residents and being replaced by migrants about 14,000 residents left last year. Overcrowding on our streets, on our roads, trains and buses, increased crime and pollution. This is a recipe for disaster and a revised migration policy is vital before it is too late.

Migration population

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