Our Management Committee

It is only with the dedicated work and support of the amazing souls that form our Management Committee that brought SCA into being and together with you we plan to reach out across this great nation as a voice of reason and rationality!

Our Team


Ron Hutchins | President

Prior to founding Sunshine Coast Safe Communities Inc. (now a branch) Ron was a scientist working in the sugar and alcohol industry and then managing Australia’s largest distillery.

Ron is a researcher and strategist, initiating special projects and platforms.

An Industrial Chemist, a sailor, humanist, conservative and greenie of the plant and critter variety. Negotiating contracts with overseas companies and travelling extensively, Ron has a track record of bringing opposing groups to the negotiation table.

Ron is interested in a safe, and prosperous nation for future generations.

As President, Ron is responsible for the organization’s structure, strategic direction and performance


Gary Graham | Treasurer

Prior to joining Sunshine Coast Safe Communities Inc. (now a branch) as Treasurer in 2014, Gary enjoyed a long career working for Telstra.

A qualified Technical Officer (Telecommunications), he worked for many years in technical positions & digital data networks.  Appointed to Executive Management of Telstra, and then as National Manager Digital Data Network, Gary has wide experience in operations, management, data networks, customers and suppliers.

Prior to moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2000, Gary and his family operated tourist resorts for 12 years, adding another dimension to his working experiences.

Gary has a strong interest in politics, political analysis, strategic and business planning, and political lobbying.

As Treasurer of the head body- Safe Communities Australia, Gary has responsibility for the accounting records of the organization.


Raewyn Hutchins | Secretary

A small business owner, and previous corporate manager working for Australia’s largest airline, Raewyn has experience in both large and small business operations.

Educated in New Zealand and working for NZ’s largest bank before immigrating to Australia (but not becoming a dual citizen!) Raewyn calls Australia home.

A reluctant sailor, but enthusiastic gardener and clothes designer, Raewyn enjoys organizing public educational forums, lobbying and political activities.

Raewyn writes articles, submissions to government and press releases on behalf of Safe Communities Australia.

As Secretary, Raewyn is responsible for compliance and communications of the organization.


Molly Wise | Founding Board Member

A founding member of Sunshine Coast Safe Communities Inc, Molly originates from NSW but has lived in Queensland for most of her educational life and professional career.

Molly has worked in the health industry for many years, practising as a registered nurse, midwife, nurse educator, administrator, and a sports nurse.  As an Accreditation Coordinator, Molly assisted with the accreditation process of the second hospital in Queensland.

As a JP (Qualified) for many years, community involvement was always a priority.  Molly brings to the board a wealth of community and organizational experience.

As a founding board member of the head body- Safe Communities Australia, Molly contributes to the development and implementation of the Code of Conduct and the strategic development of the organization.


David Wise | Founding Board Member

David and his family are one of the pioneering families of the Sunshine Coast, moving to the area in 1901 and establishing a large farm.  He became involved in Safe Communities when he met the founders at a gathering, one rainy day in 2015.

A landowner, organic farmer, investor, voracious reader, media watcher, political devotee and business owner, David and the Wise Family are local identities on the Sunshine Coast.

With a penchant for travel, dancing, and vintage cars, David brings a world-wise perspective to the organization, often mixed with humour and common sense.

As a founding board member of the head body- Safe Communities Australia, David contributes to the strategic direction of the organization.


Cass Deans | Founding Board Member

Cass was born and raised in Queensland and became acquainted with the retail and hospitality industries before spending over 7 years in NSW working in the service and transport industry.  Cass moved back to QLD 6 years ago continuing with transport and most recently within the project management sphere.

An organiser, strategist, technical writer, and a straight to the point kind of gal.  Cass has a track record of building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, organising large scale business activities into more efficient and cost-saving processes.

With an extensive career in business administration and management in both small business and large national business environments, Cass enjoys putting this experience to use by providing a meticulous level of organisation, a fresh point of view and insight into projects, discussions and directions.

As a founding board member of the head body – Safe Communities Australia, Cass contributes to the organisational structure, policies and procedures, strategic direction, and the development and implementation of business systems and projects.


Shane L. Rutherford – Founding Board Member

From a rural and seafaring family, Shane served in the Royal Australian Navy and has trades and professional engineering qualifications.

A red-letter Christian, classical libertarian and active community advocate, he is very concerned about the erosion of individual liberties through the encroachments of subversive movements that threaten the fabric, structure and amenity of our society.

He strongly believes in the core role of the family in morally guiding our nation, maximum equal individual freedom, freedoms of speech and association, property rights, small constitutional government, the universality of law, national independence and border security.

As a board member of Safe Communities Australia, Shane contributes to overall strategy and policy of the group.


Margaret Airoldi – Board Member

Retired office secretary and ‘check chemist’ in the sugar industry for one of Queensland’s largest sugar companies Margaret has lived and worked in different Australian states.

Margaret is President of Mackay Region Safe Communities and works tirelessly for the local community as a conservative political activist.

With a wealth of working and life experiences, Margaret’s language skills have been used in business as a translator.

As a board member and a president of an SCA branch, Margaret has the dual responsibility of a leader of a group and a contributing board member to the national body.


Warwick Armstrong –  Board Member

Warwick is a board member of Safe Communities Australia due to his position; as President of the affiliated Moreton Bay Safe Communities.

Prior to his activities with Moreton Bay Safe Communities, Warwick was involved in Conservative politics in Moreton Bay; after his retirement from Self-employment in the IT Consulting business.

Prior to that Warwick was a Director and part owner of a successful Computer Software Company in the Energy Market as the Product Director and Systems Architect.

Warwick has had a Broad Life experience; as a Businessman, a Designer and Family man. He has lived in Brazil where he set up and developed a Manufacturing plant and then went on to Conduct a successful Engineering Consulting Business.

Warwick moved to the then West Germany, working as an Engineering Consultant to a Major EU Agricultural Engineering Company. He then returned to Brazil and Worked with a Brazilian company as Director of Engineering until finally returning to Australia.

Finally, on his return to Australia Warwick then entered the IT Industry working in a range of roles both Technical and Business.

Prior to his Overseas working adventures in Brazil, West Germany, and Hawaii; Warwick was the Engineering Manager of a large Queensland Agricultural Machinery Company and an Applications Engineer and Branch Manager of a Hydraulics (Fluid Power) Company in Sydney.

As well as being President of aanSCA group, as a board member, Warwick’s role is to bring both business and professional expertise to Safe Communities Australia.

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