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Pensioners and self-funded retirees are targeted by Bill Shorten

Pensioners and self-funded retirees are targeted by governments of this country. It appears their money is easy takings for politicians because they can’t fight back.This is like helping one’s self to the few coins in a beggars tin knowing they can’t retaliate.

Bill Shorten targets pensioners

Bill Shorten | Photo Courtesy of news.com.au

Scott Morrison set the ball rolling by reducing the asset test level resulting in many part pensioners losing large chunks of their meagre pensions. Now we have Opposition Leader Bill Shorten threatening to take away the share dividends of over 200,000 self-managed pensioners who rely on dividends to survive, many on incomes as low as $18,000 a year. Meanwhile, pensions go down and other expenses go up like rates, water costs, power charges, grocery prices, fuel costs, travel, entertainment and restaurant prices.

Is it any wonder that suicide rates for elderly people are among the highest in the country and homeless figures are soaring. Instead of looking after the elderly who have paid taxes all their working lives helped to defend the country in time of war and were responsible for building our cities and major infrastructures, the government is planning to fleece the nest eggs they put away for retirement.

No other civilized western country treats their retirees and pensioners in the same shameless way as Labor plans to do. Retirees should not vote Labor at the next election unless they are happy to sacrifice a sizeable portion of their retirement funds.

by Jack Sky

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