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It is with the generous support of people like you, that Safe Communities Australia can continue to be a voice for common sense and reason in local communities!


Safe Communities is a good source of unfiltered, unbiased information and news.
The main stream media is increasingly controlled by a strong left-wing-cabal, that only publishes news supportive of it’s own agenda.
Safe Communities Australia addresses controversial topics such as; immigration, freedom of speech, Marxist indoctrination in our education system,
Islamic ideology and Sharia Law in Australia, teaching of gender fluidity and gender confusion – and many others. In a time when political correctness is closing down free speech and
forcing people to conform to ‘group-think’ a safe space for everyone’s freedom of opinion is needed. Safe Communities is not controlled by social media giants, big business or the political elite.
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Safe Communities Australia groups are registered ‘Not-for-Profit’ incorporated associations.
Committee members are volunteers who work for the greater good of their local area.
Groups operate on a low-cost basis to deliver maximum benefits to their local communities.
Groups are not funded by governments, political parties, businesses or corporations, and hence rely only on donations.
Members are people from all walks of life; business owners, service providers, charity workers, retirees and public servants and much more.
Your donation will help Safe Communities to deliver for you.
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