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Migration – Every 2 Minutes & 20 Seconds Australia adds another Migrant

Migration – Every 2 Minutes & 20 Seconds Australia adds another Migrant

Migration Increase

Oops, here comes another new migrant to Australia, every two minutes and twenty seconds we add another migrant to our population. Through migration last year we added 250,000 new migrants according to the Bureau of Statistics with most settling in NSW (98,600) and Victoria (86.900). That’s an increase on the previous year of 31% and 23% respectively.

Migration & our jobs

According to the OECD we are the fastest growing country with the population heading to 25 million within months. Some say we are heading for disaster with high unemployment with millions never having a job and a burden on welfare that we may not be able to sustain without crippling taxes.

With automation, robots and increased IT usage and less meaningful jobs, our young will find themselves acting as caddies to rich Chinese or mowing golf fairways. Mass migration makes our politicians look good with improved GDP figures, but this false image will bite their backsides if productivity doesn’t improve. We need more houses, improved roads, increased growth in produce to feed the growing population, increased transport, ethnic groups come with large families looking for jobs for their young, our own kids will face difficulty in this area and because of increased unemployment several will fall into the homeless basket. Sydney is reported to be losing residents and being replaced by migrants about 14,000 residents left last year. Overcrowding on our streets, on our roads, trains and buses, increased crime and pollution. This is a recipe for disaster and a revised migration policy is vital before it is too late.

Migration population

Suicide: The Tragedy We Must Face

Suicide: The Tragedy We Must Face

Can anyone imagine the utter frustration, despair, the feeling that they have lost the reason to live, or sorrow their tormented mind is going through that they decide to end it all by committing suicide.

Men’s suicide more than double that of women

Every single day nearly 8 people in Australia reach that stage and make that fatal decision. Preliminary data shows nearly 3000 people make the decision to end it all, with over 2000 are male and about 800 females every year.

That fact is so sad so depressing that we were unable to pull them back from the brink, and that there was no one to turn them around, take their hand and say, ‘come with us, we will help you’. The highest age specific was in the 85+ age group, higher than other age groups.

Next highest was the 30-34 , then 40-44 and the 35-39 age groups. Suicide is not restricted to adults as there are 0-14 and 15-19 age groups also affected. Losing our young with their whole life ahead is particularly disturbing.

People with a history of suicide were at greatest risk, alcohol abuse, drug overdoses and mental disorders, major depression, psychotic illness and eating disorders also contributing to the suicide figures. Lifeline, Salvation Army and others are extending the hand to help depressed suicidal people-  but it is hardly enough. Financial pressure, mortgage stress, personal experiences, legal situations and family losses or break up can drive one to make that final decision. We as a compassionate country must do more to help our fellow mates when they stumble in life. Our governments can also assist.


Suicide depression drug abuse

Casino on the Sunshine Coast – Good or Bad?

Casino on the Sunshine Coast – Good or Bad?

Can a casino boost income for the economy and improve tourism for the area?

There is no doubt a casino can attract mega bucks and that is good for traders in the area. Whether it is good or not can only be viewed by countries that have casinos. Las Vegas has been a major draw card for tourists in the US and pumps millions into the country’s economy via their casinos. Not only does casinos attract gambling dollars but are excellent venues for entertainment and good quality restaurants and sales of many retail products. Look abroad for an answer i.e. Since the liberalization of casino licensing in 2002, gaming revenue reached a massive US $45,09 billion dollars in Macau.

In Singapore revenue reached $4.1 billion US dollars. Taxation of the casino industry has become a significant source of economic funds for the Macau government. Yes, there is a risk of increased crime rates, but it can be controlled and as the Gold Coast has proved, not destroy the city. If we expanded the casino industry billions of dollars will pour into our country, boost our tourist business and attract some of the best artists in the entertainment industry to our shores. To some people the mere mention of casino sends them into a frenzy, gnashing of teeth and a major bout of criticism, only thinking it will drive people to gambling beyond their means and put them in debt. Hey, you don’t need a casino to do that as the humble poker machines are already achieving it.

Casino Sunshine Coast

Disrespect for our Laws by the Islamists

Disrespect for our Laws by the Islamists

Disrespect for our laws is increasing

An Islamic defendant refusing to stand up in magistrate’s court showed total disrespect for our laws. This refusal she said was on religious grounds and that she would only stand for allah!  Not only that, but it could have been her brother, sister, grandmother or uncle appearing in court and the magistrate would not be any wiser because the figure appearing was covered from head to toe in a black niqab with only eyes visible.

Imams are teaching how to disrespect our laws

Finally, on her Imams instruction she finished up reluctantly standing in the court.

There is an instruction book circulating amongst the Muslim community explaining how they can avoid standing for judges by appearing after the judge has entered the court along with several other law avoidance tactics.

The Islamic community are deliberately adept at using our laws to their advantage and claiming they are being persecuted on racial grounds they get their way. In this case this 49-year-old unsuccessfully sued the State and Federal Government for Police violence during a terrorism raid on her Sydney home, but has now been given the green light to appeal and we are financing the costs?

This is unacceptable and if people are not prepared to accept our laws why should we fund their legal costs. When will we wake up and deport these criminals that bend the rules and ignore the laws we live by and get away with it.

Disrespect for our laws Safe Communities Australia

What is ‘Halal’? Any foods that can be eaten according to Islamic Sharia law

What is ‘Halal’? Any foods that can be eaten according to Islamic Sharia law

Seal - Halal Australia

So, when we are talking about halal foods it means any foods that can be eaten according to Islamic Sharia law.  This means that for any food to be considered halal it must comply with the religious ritual and observance of Sharia law.

What is ‘halal certification’?

This means that food has been subjected to certification systems which guarantee to consumers that nothing in the food has any forbidden components. Halal certificates are issued, for a fee, by a certifying body. The opposite of halal is haram (forbidden).

Food can be forbidden in Islam if it includes:

  • Blood
  • Alcohol
  • Meat or any products from a forbidden animal, including pigs and any carnivorous animals or birds of prey
  • Meat or any products of an animal which has not been slaughtered in the correct manner in the name of Allah

Under Islamic law (Sharia) it is permissible (halal) to consume items that would otherwise be termed haram so long as it is a matter of survival and not just an act of disobedience.

Many big food manufacturers pay halal certification fees on their products and pass this cost on to us!   Many non-Muslim Australians do not want to pay ‘halal taxes’ however most ‘halal certified’ products are not marked- meaning the consumer cannot easily identify products with the tax applied.

In Australia, the first halal certificate was issued in 1983.

The Australian Government did not regulate this business believing it should be ‘self-regulated’ rather than in government control. As a result, the ‘halal industry’ has spiralled out of control and has become a major revenue earner at our expense. Prior to 1983, and for over 1,300 years, Muslims have eaten foods not ‘halal certified’. Today, however, they demand halal certification, and we pay for something we don’t want and don’t need.

Halal Certification was initially applied to food but now applies to personal care products, utensils, fashion, medicines, clothing, shoes, pet foods, and packaging materials such as cans, drums and plastic bottles.  The ‘halal industry’ now makes $ billions each year in revenue. These funds are used by the Muslim community to build mosques, Islamic schools and support Islamic ‘charities’.

The enquiry in 2016 failed to search for links between halal funds and Islamic terrorism, so the question remains whether halal revenue funds illegal or criminal activities.

There are many major companies whose products are ‘halal certified’. Some of these are well-established names such as Cadburys, Kraft, Sanitarium, Kellogg’s, Nestle and King Island Dairy.

The Australian and New Zealand Governments have been remiss in not regulating this ‘third-party’, religious honey-pot of gold!  Many halal certifiers are ‘Not-For-Profit’ organizations, meaning no tax is paid on revenue. Being ‘un-regulated’ has allowed the industry to set its own certification fees, in many instances relevant to the businesses ability to pay, and not relevant to the cost of certification.

In contrast, in most predominantly Islamic countries, the government regulates both the fees and revenue from halal certification. This provides certainty in business, fairness in trade, removes price gouging, reduces turf wars and provides the government with an income stream.  That fact our government has not seem fit to do likewise is a failure to act in the interests of the majority.

A Senate Enquiry into ‘Third Party certification of food’ was held in 2015. The panel consisted of politicians from both major political parties. At the end of the enquiry seven (7) recommendations were made to the government.

    • The Committee recommends that food manufacturers clearly label products which have received third-party certification.
    • The Committee recommends that the government, through the Department of Agriculture, consider the monitoring and compliance of halal certification of meat for export; and becoming the sole signatory on the government halal certificate.
    • The Committee recommends that the government, through bilateral and multilateral forums, promote greater acceptance of a ‘whole–of-country’, government-led halal certification system.
    • The Committee recommends that the government consider requiring certification bodies to register their operations under certification trademarks.
    • The Committee recommends that the government consider requiring that halal certification of goods in the domestic market comply with the standard agreed for export.
    • The Committee recommends that the halal certification industry consider establishing a single halal certification authority and a single national registered certified trademark.
    • The Committee recommends that meat processors clearly label products sourced from animals subject to religious slaughter.

    Now several years later, the halal certification industry in Australia has grown. It is estimated that Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of halal food products. In 2015, this was reported to be $13billion.  Such is the lure of ‘easy halal certification money’ and no-regulation, Australia has become the ‘halal-honey-pot’ , hosting the worldwide Halal Expo each year.





    In conclusion:

  • Halal Certification is an excellent ‘religious-based- business- model’ especially lucrative in unregulated countries, where politicians and governments are afraid of being labelled ‘racist’
  • In Australia, Halal Certification revenue has not yet been found to fund terrorism, however, the concern remains
  • If Australian’s wish to ensure their money is not used for criminal related activities, they should start by avoiding halal certified goods, services and products.
  • Voters should contact their local federal MP and ask when the seven recommendations handed down by the Senate committee on 1st December 2015 will be adopted to deliver certainty, transparency and fairness for all
Heartless tax-grab on Pensioners

Heartless tax-grab on Pensioners

Pensioners and self-funded retirees are targeted by Bill Shorten

Pensioners and self-funded retirees are targeted by governments of this country. It appears their money is easy takings for politicians because they can’t fight back.This is like helping one’s self to the few coins in a beggars tin knowing they can’t retaliate.

Bill Shorten targets pensioners

Bill Shorten | Photo Courtesy of news.com.au

Scott Morrison set the ball rolling by reducing the asset test level resulting in many part pensioners losing large chunks of their meagre pensions. Now we have Opposition Leader Bill Shorten threatening to take away the share dividends of over 200,000 self-managed pensioners who rely on dividends to survive, many on incomes as low as $18,000 a year. Meanwhile, pensions go down and other expenses go up like rates, water costs, power charges, grocery prices, fuel costs, travel, entertainment and restaurant prices.

Is it any wonder that suicide rates for elderly people are among the highest in the country and homeless figures are soaring. Instead of looking after the elderly who have paid taxes all their working lives helped to defend the country in time of war and were responsible for building our cities and major infrastructures, the government is planning to fleece the nest eggs they put away for retirement.

No other civilized western country treats their retirees and pensioners in the same shameless way as Labor plans to do. Retirees should not vote Labor at the next election unless they are happy to sacrifice a sizeable portion of their retirement funds.

by Jack Sky

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