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Migration – Every 2 Minutes & 20 Seconds Australia adds another Migrant

Migration – Every 2 Minutes & 20 Seconds Australia adds another Migrant

Migration Increase

Oops, here comes another new migrant to Australia, every two minutes and twenty seconds we add another migrant to our population. Through migration last year we added 250,000 new migrants according to the Bureau of Statistics with most settling in NSW (98,600) and Victoria (86.900). That’s an increase on the previous year of 31% and 23% respectively.

Migration & our jobs

According to the OECD we are the fastest growing country with the population heading to 25 million within months. Some say we are heading for disaster with high unemployment with millions never having a job and a burden on welfare that we may not be able to sustain without crippling taxes.

With automation, robots and increased IT usage and less meaningful jobs, our young will find themselves acting as caddies to rich Chinese or mowing golf fairways. Mass migration makes our politicians look good with improved GDP figures, but this false image will bite their backsides if productivity doesn’t improve. We need more houses, improved roads, increased growth in produce to feed the growing population, increased transport, ethnic groups come with large families looking for jobs for their young, our own kids will face difficulty in this area and because of increased unemployment several will fall into the homeless basket. Sydney is reported to be losing residents and being replaced by migrants about 14,000 residents left last year. Overcrowding on our streets, on our roads, trains and buses, increased crime and pollution. This is a recipe for disaster and a revised migration policy is vital before it is too late.

Migration population

Suicide: The Tragedy We Must Face

Suicide: The Tragedy We Must Face

Can anyone imagine the utter frustration, despair, the feeling that they have lost the reason to live, or sorrow their tormented mind is going through that they decide to end it all by committing suicide.

Men’s suicide more than double that of women

Every single day nearly 8 people in Australia reach that stage and make that fatal decision. Preliminary data shows nearly 3000 people make the decision to end it all, with over 2000 are male and about 800 females every year.

That fact is so sad so depressing that we were unable to pull them back from the brink, and that there was no one to turn them around, take their hand and say, ‘come with us, we will help you’. The highest age specific was in the 85+ age group, higher than other age groups.

Next highest was the 30-34 , then 40-44 and the 35-39 age groups. Suicide is not restricted to adults as there are 0-14 and 15-19 age groups also affected. Losing our young with their whole life ahead is particularly disturbing.

People with a history of suicide were at greatest risk, alcohol abuse, drug overdoses and mental disorders, major depression, psychotic illness and eating disorders also contributing to the suicide figures. Lifeline, Salvation Army and others are extending the hand to help depressed suicidal people-  but it is hardly enough. Financial pressure, mortgage stress, personal experiences, legal situations and family losses or break up can drive one to make that final decision. We as a compassionate country must do more to help our fellow mates when they stumble in life. Our governments can also assist.


Suicide depression drug abuse

Disrespect for our Laws by the Islamists

Disrespect for our Laws by the Islamists

Disrespect for our laws is increasing

An Islamic defendant refusing to stand up in magistrate’s court showed total disrespect for our laws. This refusal she said was on religious grounds and that she would only stand for allah!  Not only that, but it could have been her brother, sister, grandmother or uncle appearing in court and the magistrate would not be any wiser because the figure appearing was covered from head to toe in a black niqab with only eyes visible.

Imams are teaching how to disrespect our laws

Finally, on her Imams instruction she finished up reluctantly standing in the court.

There is an instruction book circulating amongst the Muslim community explaining how they can avoid standing for judges by appearing after the judge has entered the court along with several other law avoidance tactics.

The Islamic community are deliberately adept at using our laws to their advantage and claiming they are being persecuted on racial grounds they get their way. In this case this 49-year-old unsuccessfully sued the State and Federal Government for Police violence during a terrorism raid on her Sydney home, but has now been given the green light to appeal and we are financing the costs?

This is unacceptable and if people are not prepared to accept our laws why should we fund their legal costs. When will we wake up and deport these criminals that bend the rules and ignore the laws we live by and get away with it.

Disrespect for our laws Safe Communities Australia

Weapons of War – Australia has been asleep at the wheel

Weapons of War – Australia has been asleep at the wheel

Australia’s weapons of war –  even third world countries with nuclear weapons can blow us out of the water.

The weapons of war are now becoming more sophisticated and advanced than at any other point in time. Russia has developed a nuclear weapon that can hit a target anywhere on earth with impunity, cannot be shot down.

China has developed a hyper velocity missile that travels fast, very fast and cannot be shot down. Currently cruise and ballistic missiles can be targeted and shot down, ground, ship and air interceptors could destroy them. However, the new missiles with high speed can avoid being destroyed by conventional weapons and that is frightening.

The US are spending over $10 billion on sensor detection equipment capable of detecting, tracking hyper velocity missiles. The new missiles make protecting attacks on US bases, aircraft Carriers and allies around the world more difficult or impossible.

0ur defense in comparison is like a bloke with a tin helmet and a shotgun sitting on top of Parliament House hoping to shoot down any low flying cruise missiles aimed at us. We don’t even have an anti-missile battery, nor any nuclear weapons to retaliate with because the progressive-left throw a fit when anything nuclear is mentioned.

We can no longer rely on the US now to deflect a missile attack on us. We are remarkably vulnerable as a nation, even third world countries like India and Pakistan armed with nuclear weapons can blow us out of the water without any risk of effective retaliation.

We cannot fiddle about any longer trying to manufacture ships and submarines that will be obsolete when completed and ineffective against modern missiles. Our scientists and armament experts need to be focused on missiles, miniature weapons technologically, advanced supersonic weapons and hypersensitive detection equipment to shield us from attack and we need to do this now as we have been asleep at the wheel.

weapons of war submarine Sydney harbour


The Virtuous Cycle: Part 3 – In Defense of Australia’s Liberal Nation:

The Virtuous Cycle: Part 3 – In Defense of Australia’s Liberal Nation:

In Defense of Australia’s Liberal Nation, Part 3 I will discuss the Virtuous Cycle, and the strategies needed to protect national identity.

So far I have discussed political and cultural strategies for protecting national identity and thus cohesion.  Also important is the relationship between them. Electoral and cultural successes need to feed on one another to produce positive feedback. That salutary process of political and cultural strategies should be facilitated where possible because only exponential growth can allow national movements to acquire the numbers and commitment they need to stand against globalist forces and protect national identity.

The Virtuous Cycle Dr Frank Salter ' Risky Transactions' Trust, Kinship, and Ethnicity. Defense of Australia's Liberal Nation

Trust, Kinship, and Ethnicity Defense of Australia’s Liberal Nation. Virtuous Cycle

The major parties use something like the dual strategy. The Liberal-Nationals coalition talks with think tanks such as the Menzies Research Centre, though there is frequently a disconnect between politicians and intellectuals. An example is Tony Abbott, when he was prime minister, retreating from his election pledge to reform the Orwellian section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. He did so against the advice of conservative and libertarian commentators. The Labor Party takes its intellectual brains trust more seriously, based in the universities, the unions, and the ABC.

As noted, the electoral side of Australian nationalism is being kicked off by disaffected voters. Given the great size of Western ethnic groups, still the majorities of their countries, there is a large potential for expanding national movements along electoral and cultural fronts. In Australia, any national revival will necessarily have Anglos at its heart, because they are two-thirds of the population. Increments in electoral support will allow more investment in cultural activism. Likewise, ratcheting-up cultural activism is capable of mobilizing more voters and recruiting professionals able to fill leadership positions in politics as well as the culture industries.

The cultural front can also help the political front by providing able and loyal staffers. Incompetent or subversive staff are a frequent reason minor parties fail. Patriotic parties must be able to draw on a pool of speech writers, policy analysts and media people who not only support conservative and nationalist values but are able to defend them with social and economic arguments. Promising politicians are too often hobbled, diverted, or hijacked by opportunists.

By constructing parallel institutions in education, media and welfare – all cultural projects – the movement would be better placed to retain its core values as it grows, resisting the temptation to compromise with “big tent” politics. The goal should be to roll back the subversive aspects of the cultural revolution that began in the 1960s while accepting change that is benign or harmless.

Parallel cultural institution should be of sufficiently high quality to be worthy of large investments and philanthropic bequests. Projects should be positive, not reactive. Wealthy individuals will only support groups whose operations are scalable, i.e. whose output rises with investment. Thus they will look for talented individuals and organisations whose performances can be broadcast on radio, television or internet. In the early phase the key ingredient is quality, not quantity.

The Virtuous Cycle  Dr Frank Salter ' Ethnic conflict and indoctrination. Defense of Australia's Liberal Nation

Ethnic Conflict and indoctrination. Defense of Australia’s Liberal Nation. Virtuous Cycle.

Two obvious examples are a news service and, more importantly, an online academy. The latter would teach what the universities refuse to teach. Subjects would include social science that incorporates biosocial theories of human nature. Students would be introduced to research on ethnicity, nationality, social cohesion, political and cultural history, reproductive strategies, gender and race, and comparative civilisation.

The dual culture-politics strategy makes sense only if it includes a reformist critique of the universities’ anti-Western bias. The social sciences and humanities are the jewels in the globalist crown. They must be won back to serve truth. Only by fixing the corruption in higher education will political victories be sustainable.

Political and cultural strategies should be aimed at carving out a constituency. In asymmetrical conflicts the little guy does not have many victories, and when he does, the resulting political and cultural capital is fleeting. So victories should be maximally exploited. The goal should be to complete the feedback loop. Political victories yield platforms, windows of publicity. These should be used to draw people’s attention to important values. Identity comes first, because interests so often depend on who we are.

No greater victory has been won by the enemies of the Australian nation and the West than the obscuring of traditional identities. Those the gods would destroy they first make mad, and loss of identity is madness. Nationalist advocates should expend their limited political capital on clarifying and reaffirming the nation’s core Anglo European identity. That is best achieved through two-way feedback between political and cultural activities which is referred to as The Virtuous Cycle.

By Dr Frank Salter published by Sydney Trads.


Support Dutton’s call to fast track South African Farmers

Support Dutton’s call to fast track South African Farmers

The Plight of White South African Farmers

Write to your local Federal MP in support of Dutton’s call to fast track South African farmers
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton sparked diplomatic tensions with South Africa last week when he suggested persecuted white South African farmers should be ‘brought to safety to a civilized nation’.

Richard Di Natale

Peter Dutton labelled ‘racist’ by Richard Di Natale over a call to bring white South African farmers to Australia on ABC News

In support of this initiative, Julius Malema, a member of the South African Parliament, said white farmers should take up the ‘racist’ call but ‘leave everything’ for the black South African majority, claiming the black population wanted to work the land.  

In a gesture of humanitarian aid, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has called for the fast-tracking of visas for the South African farmers to bring them to safety in Australia.
Greens leader, Richard Di Natoli is calling Peter Dutton a ‘racist, and Greens Senator Nick McKim says we still have a White Australia policy”, accusing the Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton of
being ‘racist’, ‘fascist’ and ‘regurgitating speaking points from neo-Nazis’.

Meanwhile another white South African is raped, tortured and murdered. White people can also be refugees!

Please write to your local federal MP in support of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, and ask them to assist in bringing this persecuted minority to Australia 

Federal MP Contacts


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