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Call Centres – what does it mean for local jobs?

Many of us are surprised when we ring up a company call centres for assistance or information and we find ourselves talking to someone in the Philippines, India, South Africa or New Zealand.

More and more companies like NRMA, Telstra, CGU, RACV and others have call centres abroad because it is less expensive and more profitable. However, this means hundreds of local jobs have gone off shore and our work force suffer.

Companies don’t have to put up with silly union strikes, wage increase demands, work rules and other union demands. In addition, wage differences are immense, for example, an Australian contact worker will demand over $50,000 a year in wages, in comparison an employee doing the same job will earn $5,573.00 a year in the Philippines.

Apart from an accent difference the call center employee is likely to be more friendly and competent at resolving the problem than the local person. On this basis we cannot compete regardless of how hard we try; many manufacturing businesses have also found operating off shore and exporting their products into Australia is far more profitable than operating in our country. The militant unions, high wages, business tax, strict operating restrictions are some of the reasons for closing operations over here and starting up off shore, where raw materials and wages are lower.

Suggest lower business taxes and Labor Party blow a fuse, suggest reducing wages and scrapping penalty rates and the unions threaten walk outs and strikes. The result high prices for locally manufactured products, dominant unions, high wages and more companies packing up and moving off shore or contracting call centres abroad. In other words, we are our own worst enemy.

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