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Disrespect for our Laws by the Islamists

Disrespect for our Laws by the Islamists

Disrespect for our laws is increasing

An Islamic defendant refusing to stand up in magistrate’s court showed total disrespect for our laws. This refusal she said was on religious grounds and that she would only stand for allah!  Not only that, but it could have been her brother, sister, grandmother or uncle appearing in court and the magistrate would not be any wiser because the figure appearing was covered from head to toe in a black niqab with only eyes visible.

Imams are teaching how to disrespect our laws

Finally, on her Imams instruction she finished up reluctantly standing in the court.

There is an instruction book circulating amongst the Muslim community explaining how they can avoid standing for judges by appearing after the judge has entered the court along with several other law avoidance tactics.

The Islamic community are deliberately adept at using our laws to their advantage and claiming they are being persecuted on racial grounds they get their way. In this case this 49-year-old unsuccessfully sued the State and Federal Government for Police violence during a terrorism raid on her Sydney home, but has now been given the green light to appeal and we are financing the costs?

This is unacceptable and if people are not prepared to accept our laws why should we fund their legal costs. When will we wake up and deport these criminals that bend the rules and ignore the laws we live by and get away with it.

Disrespect for our laws Safe Communities Australia

Weapons of War – Australia has been asleep at the wheel

Weapons of War – Australia has been asleep at the wheel

Australia’s weapons of war –  even third world countries with nuclear weapons can blow us out of the water.

The weapons of war are now becoming more sophisticated and advanced than at any other point in time. Russia has developed a nuclear weapon that can hit a target anywhere on earth with impunity, cannot be shot down.

China has developed a hyper velocity missile that travels fast, very fast and cannot be shot down. Currently cruise and ballistic missiles can be targeted and shot down, ground, ship and air interceptors could destroy them. However, the new missiles with high speed can avoid being destroyed by conventional weapons and that is frightening.

The US are spending over $10 billion on sensor detection equipment capable of detecting, tracking hyper velocity missiles. The new missiles make protecting attacks on US bases, aircraft Carriers and allies around the world more difficult or impossible.

0ur defense in comparison is like a bloke with a tin helmet and a shotgun sitting on top of Parliament House hoping to shoot down any low flying cruise missiles aimed at us. We don’t even have an anti-missile battery, nor any nuclear weapons to retaliate with because the progressive-left throw a fit when anything nuclear is mentioned.

We can no longer rely on the US now to deflect a missile attack on us. We are remarkably vulnerable as a nation, even third world countries like India and Pakistan armed with nuclear weapons can blow us out of the water without any risk of effective retaliation.

We cannot fiddle about any longer trying to manufacture ships and submarines that will be obsolete when completed and ineffective against modern missiles. Our scientists and armament experts need to be focused on missiles, miniature weapons technologically, advanced supersonic weapons and hypersensitive detection equipment to shield us from attack and we need to do this now as we have been asleep at the wheel.

weapons of war submarine Sydney harbour


Heartless tax-grab on Pensioners

Heartless tax-grab on Pensioners

Pensioners and self-funded retirees are targeted by Bill Shorten

Pensioners and self-funded retirees are targeted by governments of this country. It appears their money is easy takings for politicians because they can’t fight back.This is like helping one’s self to the few coins in a beggars tin knowing they can’t retaliate.

Bill Shorten targets pensioners

Bill Shorten | Photo Courtesy of news.com.au

Scott Morrison set the ball rolling by reducing the asset test level resulting in many part pensioners losing large chunks of their meagre pensions. Now we have Opposition Leader Bill Shorten threatening to take away the share dividends of over 200,000 self-managed pensioners who rely on dividends to survive, many on incomes as low as $18,000 a year. Meanwhile, pensions go down and other expenses go up like rates, water costs, power charges, grocery prices, fuel costs, travel, entertainment and restaurant prices.

Is it any wonder that suicide rates for elderly people are among the highest in the country and homeless figures are soaring. Instead of looking after the elderly who have paid taxes all their working lives helped to defend the country in time of war and were responsible for building our cities and major infrastructures, the government is planning to fleece the nest eggs they put away for retirement.

No other civilized western country treats their retirees and pensioners in the same shameless way as Labor plans to do. Retirees should not vote Labor at the next election unless they are happy to sacrifice a sizeable portion of their retirement funds.

by Jack Sky

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