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Safe Communities Australia Inc – The Genesis

The primary functions of government are to ensure the rights, freedoms, safety and security of a nation’s citizens.

Safe Communities Australia arose from a concern about deteriorating safety and freedoms in our communities. Migration of those with a religious ideology incompatible with Western Democracy has resulted in the growth of ethnic enclaves, increasing associated crime, the proliferation of mosques and calls for Sharia Law.

Official ideological positions on diversity and multiculturalism (as opposed to integration) have failed spectacularly both here and elsewhere, but are still held as the prevailing mythology by most of our leaders. The resulting  ‘Cultural Marxism’ creates a younger generation who have lost their Australian identity, and who devalue our Western civilisation and democratic values.

Whilst some nations like Hungary and Poland have recognised and avoided the threat, Western Europe, the UK, the US and Australia have allowed immigration that threatens the values that support our civilisation. The increase in terror attacks and the symbiotic rise of socialism in western nations are the symptoms of this now seemingly inevitable trend.

Our nation and our communities have entered a new paradigm, where previously enjoyed freedoms and democracy is eroding, and our safety and security are no longer assured. As this trend is gradual, no single event is likely to initiate sufficient action to reverse the trend. Weak responses only create an illusion of resistance on the way to the inevitable outcomes.

Established in 2014 on the Sunshine Coast, SCA has now grown from a small group of community-minded residents to a much larger organization with branches in Queensland, and expanding into NSW.

Safe Communities Australia (SCA)  seeks to alert, educate and mobilize communities into action against the further erosion of our society, and to seek redress by applying political and legislative remedies.

SCA and its branches are secular,  non-party-partisan, ‘not-for-profit’ community groups of like-minded volunteers, who work for the benefit of their communities.   Funding is via the generous donations of many members and supporters.


What are safe communities?

Safe communities are places where everyone wants to live, work and raise a family.

A safe nation is a prosperous and generous nation, where there is hope for the future and where future generations can expect to live in peace and harmony.

In western societies, safety and well-being is a basic human right for everyone, regardless of background, ethnicity or belief. Safety underpins business confidence, stable governments, health, families, the rule of law and national security. It is a core component to the successful operation of a nation.

‘Safe Communities members are activists, working to maintain the safety, sustainability, social cohesion and prosperity of our communities.


  • Strive to prevent violence through education, and fundraise to support the victims of crime and abuse
  • Hold public educational forums on controversial topics
  • Maintain a website and numerous ‘safe communities’ facebook pages and social media platforms for dynamic public interaction
  • Seek better outcomes through educating, lobbying, writing and supporting  petitions
  • Support political candidates who represent their communities before their party or personal careers
  • Hold our politicians to account to ensure the delivery of good policies that will protect communities and keep them safe
  • Work for the nation and our future generations

Safe Communities Australia believes that Australian Law should be the only law for all Australians, rejecting all other foreign laws, including  Sharia Law. We honour the Australian Constitution as the basis of our legal system.

We can assist other nations, help look after the health of the planet and be a good world citizen, only if OUR nation is strong, democractic, free and fair.   Safe communities are the foundations of a confident and compassionate nation


The challenges ahead and how you can help.

The security and prosperity enjoyed by the ‘baby-boomer generation’ is ending. Safe Communities Australia is concerned that a high terror alert is just the start of many challenges our nation must face.

Too many Australians fail to see the value of Western Culture that has brought us human rights, equality and prosperity.  Such people will fail to defend us from savagery, barbarity and anarchy
Australia’s security is under threat from Islamic terror both inside and outside our nation
Our ‘freedom of speech’ is under threat from ‘political correctness’ and increasingly restrictive laws
The borders of our nation are under threat from international organizations who want to dictate who should be allowed to enter our country.
Politicians and law-enforcement agencies with a superficial or misinformed understanding of Islam are making poor decisions
Despite community opposition, we have mosques and Islamic schools and madrasas forced into our neighbourhoods
Increasing amounts are spent in the vain hope of reducing radicalization.
Australia has a shrinking ‘window of opportunity’ to avoid Europe’s coming civil turmoil.

If you want a safe and secure Australia for your children and grandchildren, shake off apathy and become involved!  If you agree with our principles and concerns, join a safe community group, or start one in your area, and work for the greater good of your community and the nation

We can all help protect our culture, values, laws and freedoms because they are worth fighting for.

Join us and we will show you how to become an advocate for safe communities.

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