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The Safe Communities Australian concept was created in October 2014 to be an integral part of local community development, by working cooperatively with local and state governments.

Who Are We?

Safe Communities is an organization made up of groups of people dedicated to keeping their local communities areas where people want to live, work, and raise a family.

They believe safe communities are the foundations of a secure, prosperous and generous nation.
Safe Communities members are ‘Vocal -Australians’ who value freedom of opinion and religion, who understand the law applies equally to all, and who believe that
fairness, opportunity, inspiration and aspiration are the essential building blocks of our nation.


What Do We Do?

  • Educate and make quality material available to the public
  • Shun political correctness
  • Tell the truth without fear
  • Strive to prevent violence through education and knowledge
  • Hold public forums on controversial topics
  • Seek better political outcomes through lobbying
  • Support candidates who truly represent their constituents
  • Hold politicians to account to ensure delivery of good policies
  • Work for the greater good



To promote human rights, equality for men and women, the law, and our Constitution.
To protect the culture, heritage and safety of our multi-ethnic community
To defend the freedoms hard-won by our forefathers
To use truth and knowledge to defeat ignorance and blind promotion of foreign ideologies
To maintain the core values of a nation-united under One Law and One Flag.

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