Safe Communities Australia Inc.

Our Freedom and Security – Not Negotiable!


A safe and secure environment in which to live, work and raise a family is a basic human right – but is this right being threatened?


A successful nation is built on communities with a shared identity, values, goals and aspirations – but is Australia becoming divided?


A nation blessed with opportunity, western democracy, natural resources and scenic beauty – but will we remain the lucky country?
Heartless tax-grab on Pensioners

Heartless tax-grab on Pensioners

Pensioners and self-funded retirees are targeted by governments of this country. It appears their money is easy takings for politicians because they can’t fight back.This is like helping one’s self to the few coins in a beggars tin knowing they can’t retaliate.

The Three Pillars

These three broad topics truly form the core of happy, healthy and cohesive communities and are the focus of our advocacy and education programs.


National Security, Border Control, Extremism, Terrorism, Violence, Fuel, Food and Energy Security


Multiculturalism, Immigration, Social Engineering, Neo-Marxism, Feminism, Socialism, Education Indoctrination, Individual Rights


Australian Law, Politics, Senate Inquiries, Submissions, Royal Commissions, Elections, Parliamentary Bills

Suicide: The Tragedy We Must Face

Can anyone imagine the utter frustration, despair, the feeling that they have lost the reason to live, or sorrow their tormented mind is going through that they decide to end it all by committing suicide. Men's suicide more than double that of women Every single day...

The Clean Coal Shambles

Clean Coal In the not so distant past we have heard the political chattering classes drag out the term “clean coal”, whatever that may mean! This would seem to most people something of an OXYMORON1, because whenever I pick up a lump of coal, my hands are invariably...

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